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Thank you for using Hellocart.
These Terms of Service (“Terms”) govern your use of the Hellocart services, including Hellocart’s website, Hellocart’s mobile applications, APIs, and any websites (or portions thereof) or mobile applications that are operated by Hellocart. This Agreement applies to all visitors, users, and others who access the Services (each, hereafter, a “user”).

By using the Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms and acknowledge and agree to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with Hellocart’s Privacy Policy.


1. Definitions
Hellocart: Hellocart.
Customer: Person placing a product or service order using the Website or app.
Party or Parties: Customer and/or Hellocart.
Terms: These terms and conditions in its entirety.
App: Hellocart’s application which can be used on mobile and other devices with internet connection where the products/services offered by Hellocart to its customers may be ordered and which all intellectual and industrial property rights are owned by Hellocart.
Agreement: Pre-disclosure form between the parties and distance sales agreement that has been prepared as per the information in the form.
Product(s): Service or product offered byHellocart to the Customer and selected by Customer from the offerings on the Website within the service areas whereHellocart operates.
Website:Hellocart’s website, www.hellocart.ng, which can be accessed through mobile and other devices with internet connection where the products/services offered by Hellocart to its customers may be ordered and which all intellectual and industrial property rights are owned by Hellocart.

2. Application and Membership
2.1. Customer may begin using the Website in accordance with these Terms by enter in the Website, filling out the sections required for registration, confirming the GSM number and entering its password. Current users of Hellocart may start ordering through the Website by entering their registered number and confirming the GSM number.

Customer Personal Info Protection Policy
3. Information Sharing with Third Parties

The information you provide to Hellocart may be shared with third parties in order to achieve the above-mentioned purposes (for example, your information may need to be shared with service providers in order to get technical service). In this context, your information may be shared with our business partners and service providers which support us within the scope of the supply of goods/services. However, when we are asked to share your information in order to fulfill our legal obligations, your information may also be shared with authorized persons, institutions and organizations. The information provided by the Users will not be transferred to third parties, except for the purposes specified in the texts provided to the users and when necessary to provide the service.

2.2. Customer accepts that all information provided while registering to the Website is complete, accurate and up-to-date at all times and in every respect. Customer may update its information at all times through the Website.

3.2. The delivery time displayed on the Website to Customer is a non-binding estimate until when Hellocart aims to complete the delivery.Hellocart shall not be held responsible for failure to deliver the Product within the estimated time period.

3.3. Upon placing of the order, Product sale price, delivery fees, delivery vehicle fees and any and all other additional fees including taxes, duties and charges shall be withdrawn from the credit card or other payment method provided by the Customer.

3.4. Hellocart processes payment with Paystack.com. Hellocard does not store users card details.

3.5. Customer assumes full responsibility for the security and retention of the system access devices (username, password etc.) it uses for utilizing the services offered by Hellocart on the Website as well as restraining disclosure of the same to third parties. Customer is obliged to ensure that the credit card and other payment method information is not disclosed to third parties and that such information is not saved in the accounts used by third parties on the Website.

3.6 Customer utilizing the services offered by Hellocart agrees to use the Website and app in compliance with applicable laws and its intended purpose and assumes any and all legal liability that may arise in connection with any transactions and actions taken by it on the Website or mobile app. Hellocart shall in no way be held liable whether directly or indirectly for any transaction, action and/or activity of Customer through and/or on the Website or app in violation of the Terms and applicable laws.

3.7 In the event Customer fails to utilize services due to technical malfunctions caused by Customer, Hellocart shall not be held liable for its failure to perform its obligations and no claim can be made to Hellocart in such respect, under any title.

3.8 Regarding the content/comments shared on the Website, the Customer is solely responsible for all the features of the content and comments, especially the accuracy, quality, legality, appropriateness, reliability and quality.

3.9 In order to determine whether the comments are legally complaint or violate these Terms and Conditions (such as cases where illegal contents are reported to us) and to comply with legal obligations, Hellocart will be able to review the comments. In addition, content that is considered to be violating the laws or these Terms and Conditions can be changed, deleted, and access / viewing for these contents can be blocked by Hellocart. Hellocart reserves the right not to publish comments.

3.10 Customer is exclusively responsible for any content/comment provided to the Website. Customer declares that any Customer content/comment posted is (i) lawful; (ii) does not infringe any rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights; and (iii) Customer has all the necessary rights and authority to provide the content

4. Termination
4.1. Customer may terminate its use of the Website from its used device at all times.

4.2. Hellocart reserves the right to suspend Customer’s membership or remove Customer from the App/Website permanently in cases where any violation of the Terms, applicable laws or good faith/moral rules by Customer is determined.

5.1 All rights in relation to Hellocart services, intellectual property rights, Hellocart trademarks, Hellocart trade images or any and all elements of the Website including but not limited to design, texts, images, html codes and other codes of Hellocart as well as any and all rights in rem and personal rights, trade information and know-how of Hellocart shall belong to Hellocart exclusively.

5.2 Customer may not use, copy or distribute Hellocart services and Hellocart’s work listed above for commercial purposes, and it may not engage in or prepare any work derived from such work.

Customer accepts that it shall not duplicate, copy, distribute, process any pictures, texts, visual and auditory images, video clips, files, databases, catalogs and lists owned by Hellocart and/or third parties available on the Website.

6. Amendments
Hellocart may unilaterally amend the Terms herein at all times as it deems appropriate at its sole discretion by publishing on the Website.

7. Force Majeure Hellocart shall not be held liable for late or incomplete performance of any of its obligations under the Terms or for its failure to comply with any of its obligations herein in case of any events which may objectively prevent or delay its compliance with its obligations including but not limited to adverse weather conditions preventing transportation, transportation disruptions, infrastructure and internet malfunctions, fire, earthquake, flood and other natural disasters as well as extraordinary events including epidemics, turmoil, widespread violent acts, strikes or regulations by official authorities.

8. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
8.1 The Terms herein are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Last Update Date: 29/08/2021

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